The Micius Quantum Prizes 2018 are awarded to the field of quantum computation. The laureates are Ignacio Cirac, David Deutsch, Peter Shor, and Peter Zoller, for their seminal theoretical work on quantum algorithms and physical architectures of quantum computers and simulators, and Rainer Blatt and David Wineland for their pioneering experiments that demonstrated fundamental elements of quantum computing with trapped ions.
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    Theory category

  • Stephen Wiesner

    For his original conceptual idea on conjugate coding that inspired the discovery of practical quantum cryptography

  • Charles H. Bennett  &  Gilles Brassard

    For their inventions of quantum key distribution, quantum teleportation, and entanglement purification

  • Artur Ekert

    For his invention of entanglement-based quantum key distribution, entanglement swapping, and entanglement purification

  • Experimental category

  • Jian-Wei Pan  &   Anton Zeilinger

    For their groundbreaking experiments in multi-photon interferometry and free-space quantum transmission that enable practically secure and large-scale quantum communications