The 2020 Micius Quantum Prize Selection Committee
  • Prof. Chunli Bai

    Chair of the 2020 Jury for the Micius Quantum Prize
    the Former President of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Prof. Charles H. Bennett

    IBM Fellow

  • Prof. Yi Luo

    Director of the Hefei National Laboratory of Physical Sciences at Microscale
    University of Science and Technology of China

  • Prof. Jian-Wei Pan

    Head of Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information
    University of Science and Technology of China

  • Prof. Frank Wilczek

    Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Prof. David J. Wineland

    Philip H. Knight Distinguished Research Chair
    University of Oregon

  • Prof. Anton Zeilinger

    President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
    Professor Emeritus of University of Vienna

  • Prof. Peter Zoller

    Professor of Theoretical Physics
    University of Innsbruck